In case of windows XP computer, you will find the wireless network connection icon in the bottom right hand corner.
Right click on it and go to the option " View available networks ". You will be able to see your wireless network.
If you do not see the icon there , then try START ==> Control panel==> network connection. You will find the wireless network connection option. Right click and go to " View available networks ".You will find your wireless network in the list.

Select your wireless network and try to connect. If your network is secured then you will need to enter the network key or the password. If you are not sure about the network key then Click here to know how to find the network key.

Sometimes you may get following errors while connecting to the wireless network.

* Windows can not configure this wireless network
* No wireless networks are found in the range
* Waiting for network to be ready
* Limited or no connectivity
* Windows can not connect to the network, network may no longer be in the range.
* Can not see any wireless network.
* Able to see other wireless networks but not your wireless network.

Still Not able to connect to the wireless network ?