The operating system on your computer is Windows Vista / Windows 7. We will check the IP address on your computer. There are different methods to check the IP address number. If you know the IP address of the computer then click Next

Step 1: Open the command prompt on your computer.
Click Start .
Now just above the start button, you will see start search box.
In this box type cmd and hit enter on your keyboard.
You will see the command prompt ( a black window) .
Press the Windows key on your keyboard and press "R" on your key board. It will open the Run box.
In the Run box type cmd and hit OK. You will see the  command prompt.
Windows key is at the bottom, in between Ctrl and Alt keys.
Click Start.
Go to Programs or All programs.
Go to Accessories.
You will see Command prompt. click on it and it will open the command prompt.
Step 2 : Check the IP address of your computer.
You have already opened the command prompt.
In the command prompt type ipconfig and hit enter on your key board.
Now you will see a lot of information.
Search for the IPv4 IP address and IPv4 default gateway.
If computer is hard wired to the router then you will see the IPv4 address under Ethernet adapter Local area connection.
If the computer is wireless then you  will see the IPv4 address under wireless network connection.
You will see the IPv4 address .

This is the IP address of your computer
Note down the IP address  and default gateway number.