How to Set up

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What is ? is the Default IP address of almost all the models of Linksys and some other routers. We will discuss about how to open the setup page of the router using its IP address. We can use the setup page of the router to make different changes to wireless or Internet… continue reading »

Change NAT type to open

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How to change Change NAT type to Open Easy steps to change the settings on the router and get NAT type to open. NAT (Network address translation) is a networking concept used by the router to share one public IP address on to multiple private addresses. There are 3 types of NAT issues that you… continue reading »

Limited or no connectivity

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When do you get the error message ” Limited or no connectivity ” ? You may get this error message when you try to connect to the wireless network on windows XP computer. What does error ”  limited or no connectivity ” means ? It means the computer is trying to connect but it not… continue reading »

linksys router how to

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Linksys router is very easy to set up. All you need to do is open the set up page and change the settings manually. Follow the easy steps to set up linksys router. Easy set up Guide is your one stop solution for home or small office network.