Default Linksys Router Password

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What is Default Linksys Router Password? Each and every Linksys router has a default password to open the Linksys router setup page. Linksys is the division of the Cisco Company which manufactures some of the most widely used network routers. This is one of the most used brands for broadband routers. Linksys manufactures a huge […]

How to connect router to router

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How to connect a router to router: There are many advantages and disadvantages when you connect a router to router in the network. Advantages of connecting a router to router: You may have a very large home and single unit might not be powerful to send the wireless signal all over. In this case you […]

Linksys E1200 router setup and troubleshooting

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Linksys E1200 router setup The initial configuration of Linksys E1200 router is very easy. Like other Linksys routers, open the Linksys router setup page and change the Internet connection settings manually. Definitely, you can run Cisco connect software and install it using the installation software also.   Follow the Steps Given below to setup Linksys […]