What is Error 321 ?

You get this error 321 when you try to install the router using the CD. This error shows that your computer is not connected to the router or the connection between the router and the computer is not working. When you run the CD , it will ask you to connect the computer and the modem to the router with the cable. You will see all the lights lit up on the router according to the instructions but still you will get error 321.

In this case you will need to check the firewall settings of the computer. If there is any firewall installed on the computer, then turn it OFF. Make sure that the Local area connection on the computer is not Disabled. The local area connection should not have any static IP address assigned. If there is any then set the IP address to automatic.

Try to run the CD again and see if that works. If that doesn’t work then try to setup your router without the CD. You can setup  your router manually.

How to setup router without installation CD:

Connect the main computer to the Ethernet port on the router. Connect the modem to the Internet port on the router. Check the status of the light.

Open the setup page of the router and change the Internet connection settings manually. The setup page of the router is the place where you can change the settings of the router. The default IP address of many linksys router is The default user name and password would be admin.

Once your main computer is able to access the Internet, create a wireless network for your wireless computers and devices.

Easy steps to setup Linksys router without CD

Use Fix Home Network‘s Easy setup Guide to fix your network issues.

10 comments on “Error 321 Router setup

  1. Can’t complete setup – ‘Error 321: Ethernet cable not connected”
    I’m trying to upgrade from my old WR54G2 to a WRT1110 but whenever I get up to powering up the new router the setup sits there for ages before telling me that it can’t find the router. The cables are all securely connected, I have a Motorola Surfboard cable modem connected to the router by ethernet, and my laptop is connected to port one, and I have plugged everything in according to the instructions. When everything is connected I can actually connect to the internet via LAN but can’t complete the installation or set-up a wireless network.

  2. Getting the same error 321 again and again.
    It was working before for years. Somehow got it resetted automatically. Now I am trying to run the installation CD again but it does not work. How do I do it manually?

  3. I am trying to setup WRT120N and each time I run the CD, I get error 321 message. The computer is connected properly with the new Ethernet and all the lights are turned on which are supposed to be.

  4. That is correct. Error 321 comes up when the computer is not connected properly. Some times it may be because of firewalls on your computer also.

  5. I have WRT120N and getting the same error 321. I tried to reset and reconfigure it but same thing. How do I change the settings manually?

  6. I was trying to install old router with the CD and I was getting the same error. I reset the router and reconfigured it manually.
    Thanks for your help. The online technician was very good. I was able to understand the steps to setup my network. He was very good and patient with me. I am not technically good when it comes to computers. But thanks any ways. It was very good experience. Now I am happy with all my computers online at a time.

  7. Thanks for Guide. I was able to install the router without the CD using your Easy setup Guide. I was trying to run the CD before but Could not install my Linksys Wrt160n router. when I tried to run the CD, i got the same error 321 and it says the router is not connected. I had it connected properly. The port 1 and Internet light were lit up. It was very easy to setup without the CD. Thanks again.

  8. I was trying to setup my Linksys wrt120n router.
    When i ran the Cd I got the error 321. it says that the computer is not connected to the router.
    I have all the connections done properly but still getting the same error . I am not able install the router.
    How do i do it ?

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