How to connect to wireless network on windows XP computer

How to connect to wireless network on WINDOWS XP computer ?

On Windows XP computer, there is a built in wireless connection manager ( the software that will connect you to the network ). Go to the Network connection on your computer. There you will find wireless network connection icon. If you right click on it, you will get the option “ View available wireless networks”.

When you click on it you will see the list of available networks in the area. Select your SSID from the list and click connect at the bottom. If your SSID is secured then it will ask you for the key or password. Enter the correct password / key and you will be able to connect to wireless network on your XP computer.

If you don’t know the settings of your wireless network then you will need to access the router settings page and check the SSID and password if any. Make sure that the SSID Broadcast is enabled and the MAC address filter is disabled on your router.

Errors while connecting on windows XP:

  1. Windows can not configure this wireless network :  On your computer there is another wireless network utility installed. You will need to use that utility or switch over to windows utility. Click Here for more information.
  2. No wireless networks are found in the range : The wireless switch on your laptop is turned OFF or your computer is not picking up the wireless signal or the router is not broadcasting the wireless signal. Click here for more information.
  3. Waiting for network to be ready: Remove your network from preferred wireless network list and try to connect again.  Click Here for more information.
  4. Limited or no connectivity : Incorrect network key or not getting IP address from the router. Click here for more information.
  5. windows can not connect to the network, network may no longer be in the range : Try to change the wireless settings on your router. Click here for more information

Also you will need to check if the wireless adapter on your computer is working properly.

If you follow the correct steps, you will definitely be able to connect to the wireless network.

Click here for easy steps to connect to the wireless network

Easy setup guide is designed to work with Linksys wireless router , Netgear wireless router, D Link wireless router and all other brands of routers.

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