Linksys E3200 router setup

Linksys E3200 router setup is easy and you can do it yourself. This router offers fast speed to connect your computers, Internet-ready TVs, game consoles, and other Wi-Fi devices at transfer rates up to 300 + 300 Mbps speed for an optimal home network experience. With the built-in Storage Link, you can easily add gigabytes of storage space onto your network using USB 2.0 hard drives, or plug in a USB flash disk to access your portable data files. Just like other Linksys router setup process, you can install Linksys E3200 router with or without Cisco connect software.

Follow the Easy Steps below o setup Linksys E3200 router without CD or using Cisco connect software

This router does not have built in Media server like E4200. You can configure FTP server though.

Linksys E3200 comes with 6 Internal antennas for better coverage and reliability so you can enjoy your wireless network from anywhere in your home.  you can also use RE1000 wireless range extender for more wireless coverage. RE1000 is wireless N compatible range extender.

Linksys E3200 router setup

  • Simultaneous Dual-Band N (2.4 & 5 GHz). You may get 300+ Mbps speed.
  • It has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connection. Use the four Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) ports for quick file sharing, 10x faster than standard Ethernet, between other Gigabit-enabled devices like computers, hard drives, and servers.
  • USB port for shared storage.
  • SPI firewall to help keep your network protected.
  • QoS traffic prioritization technology is designed to deliver your time-sensitive Internet traffic efficiently so you can enjoy fast downloads, smooth video and music streaming, and gaming and VoIP.
  • Create a separate, password protected network for guests. Your guests should connect to your wireless network listed above by opening a Web browser and entering the guest password.

This router comes with Cisco connect software that you can use for the initial installation of your router. Cisco Connect software helps you customize your settings, and quickly add multiple devices to your network.

Linksys E3200 router setup using Cisco connect software:

Connect your computer directly to the Internet modem and make sure that your modem is working fine. Your computer should get Internet connection when you connect the computer directly to the modem.

Now connect the modem to the Internet port on Linksys E3200 router. Connect your main computer to port 1 of the router. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait for 30 seconds. Unplug the power and plug it back in. Now insert the CD that comes with E3200. Run the Cisco connect software. It will setup your network automatically. At the end you will see your network settings. It will create 2 different wireless networks. One for your main wireless devices and the other is for guest. Guest network is unsecured network and anyone can join the guest network. But no one can access the Internet without a password. That means there is a password for the Guest network also.

Linksys E3200 router setup without Cisco connect software :

Like other Linksys routers, connect the modem and computer to the router with the Ethernet cable. Check the status of lights.

Open the Internet browser and in the address bar type This is the default IP address of Linksys E3200. Open the Linksys router setup page of the router and start change the Internet connection settings manually.

For Cable Internet, you will need to clone the MAC address of the main computer. For DSL Internet service, you will need to change the PPPoE settings.

Get access to Easy setup Guide to setup and troubleshoot Linksys E3200 router.

Once you change the Internet connection settings, your main computer will be able to access Internet through E3200. Change the wireless network settings.  First of all, change the name of the wireless network SSID. The secure the wireless network by applying the security settings. Make sure that you have a password on the WiFi, otherwise anybody can access your network.

Now one by one, start connecting all the wireless computers and devices to the network. Search for the network, enter the security password and get connected.

You can manage guest settings using the web interface of the Linksys E3200 router. So it is not necessary to install the Cisco connect software to manage guest network as it was the case in Linksys E1000, E2000 and E3000 wireless routers.

You will find all your network settings on the setup page of Linksys E3200 router. The WEP / WPA network key and guest password are different.

Parental control and guest access are the parts of Cisco connect. You can limit access time and websites with Parental Controls.

What is default password of Linksys E3200 router?

This is the most common question asked about all the routers. The default password of Linksys E3200 is admin, leave the user name blank. But if you have installed the Cisco connect software to setup then the password must be changed. You can open the Cisco connect software and check the router settings. Your wireless network password will be the password to access the setup page.

I will suggest you check the firmware version on which your Linksys E3200 router is running. Open the Linksys router setup page and go to status tab. Check the firmware version of your device. If it is not up to date then download the latest firmware from Linksys website and upgrade it.

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  1. Linksys E32200 router not working.
    Cannot Connect To The Internet. I have purchased a new E3200 to replace my old Linksys router. It locates my computers and sets up a network, but cannot connect to the internet via my Comcast cable modem. I have read on this forum about Mac address issues, but it has located the Mac address. The internet IP address is all zeros, and releasing and renewing the IP does nothing.

  2. Trying to connect Linksys E3200 to the new location. Got a new ISP at my new location. It is a cable connection. I can connect the computer directly to the Internet modem and it works fine with that. I tried running the installation disk that came with my E3200 router but it is not working either. Did reset the router many times. I think I need to upgrade the firmware as I read that could be the problem.

  3. Thanks for your help. I am satisfied with the service that you offered. I was not able to access Internet through E3200 but when I connected computer directly to the modem, it was working. I upgraded the firmware and changed the advanced settings that you suggested. Now it is working working better than before.

  4. Can not connect to the wireless network on new laptop. Other old laptop is connected and I can access Internet on old one. But the new one has problem connecting to WiFi. I t is running on Windows 7. When I enter the network key, it stays there and says not connected.
    Also want to know the guest network password? I did not install Cisco connect software so I am not sure where to find these settings. When I try to open and it also requires a password. I tried default password admin, but that did not work. How do I find security key.

  5. What is the default password to access the configuration page?
    I have tried to open the page with the admin password but it is not working. I don’t if I have ever installed Cisco software to get this device working.
    If I reset the router, I will have to reconfigure it and that is what I hate to do.

  6. The router is good but it is dropping wireless connection sometimes. I have a laptop and a PC connected in the network. The PC is connected with the Cable and laptop is wireless. The PC is working good but laptop drops Internet once or twice in a day. I did upgrade firmware and changed some advanced wireless settings but the problem is still there.

  7. My router is not working at all. I have not installed the Cisco software. I am trying to change the settings manually. When I connect the computer directly to the modem, I can access the Internet but when I connect the modem to the router and the computer. I can not get on the Internet. I have DSL connection. I tried PPPoE as well as DHCP Internet connection type but nothing is working. One more thing, I was never able to use the guest access when it was working.

  8. MY router is sending weak wireless signals. I tried changing the wireless channel but still there is no improvement. The signal is only 2 bar and I am also getting slow Internet speed. Another problem is guest access.

  9. Can not connect to the wireless network on all my wireless computers. I installed the Cisco software and got my wired computer working. But when I try to connect to the wireless or Guest SSID, the connection fails. I tried to uninstall the Cisco connect software and did it manually. The same problem with all the wireless computers. I think there must be a problem with the unit itself.

  10. What is Linksys E3200 default password? I tried to reset and then enter admin but it is not opening the router page. I have to open ports on the router and can not open the configuration page. Also if I uninstall the cisco software, will the guest access work?

  11. The guest network is not working. I can access the Internet when I connect to the guest network. I entered the correct guest access password but when I open the Internet browser, I get page can not be displayed. The main network is working without any problem. I have not installed the cisco software.

  12. My Cisco E3200 is dropping the connection to the Internet. If I plug the computer directly to the modem. It works great but as soon as connect it to the e3200, it will start losing the connection.

  13. Guest network access is not working. I have connected my netbook to the guest network but I can not access the Internet on my netbook. It did not ask me for guest access password either.

  14. I am trying to run Cisco connect software sothat I can setup Linksys E3200 wireless router. The software installation failed manytimes and now I cannot even open the setup page. I tried to reset it many times but Linksys E3200 default password is not working. Manual setup is also not possible now. What can I do?

  15. Where can I find Linksys E3200 manual ? Can I install this router without Cisco software or do I need to install the cisco connect software? I am not sure. I tried to install it many times but each time I get different error.

  16. Linksys E3200 default password is not working. I tried to reset it many times. The power light is not blinking at all. I want to open some ports on my router for my Xbox. But I can not access the setup page to change the settings manually.

  17. Thanks for the help JIM. My E3200 has started working again. It was working before but somehow I was not able to access the Internet on all my computers. The CIsco software did not work either. I started by resetting it and reconfigured it manually. The instructions were really good and easy to understand. Also the guest access is working and I have my friend connected to the guest access.

  18. Thanks for the help. I got my network working again and all my devices are able to access the Internet without any problem. My son pressed the reset button. I was not having my installation CD to set it up again. Your guide is very helpful and easy to understand. I can not use the guest network also.

  19. I got the Linksys E3200 default password and I can access the setup page also. But I am not able to save the settings. Whenever I click Save settings, it does not do anything. I can not even change the wireless network settings. I was looking for the guest access password because I was not able to connect to the guest access. But now my main network is also not working as well as the guest access. I think I should simply upgrade the Linksys E3200 firmware and reconfigure it.

  20. What is Cisco E3200 default password ? I am trying to open the setup page and it requires a user name and password. I don’t remember if I have ever ran the Cisco software on my computer. I don’t see any icon either. Is there any default password? If not then I think I need to reset it and reconfigure it.

  21. Where is Linksys E3200 manual ? I was looking for online manual so that I can change the settings manually. I tried to run the installation CD which failed many times and I still can not setup my brand new device. I have 2 wireless laptops and one desktop. The Internet service provider is comcast cable company. I can access Internet when I connect my desktop directly to the comcast modem. I also want to use Guest access for my clients.

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