How to connect to wireless network on WINDOWS XP computer ?

Here are the simple steps to connect to wireless network on WINDOWS XP computer. There is a built in wireless connection manager ( the software that will connect you to the network ). Go to the Network connection on your computer. There you will find wireless network connection icon. If you right click on it, you will get the option “ View available wireless networks”.

When you click on it you will see the list of available networks in the area. Select your SSID from the list and click connect at the bottom. If your SSID is secured then it will ask you for the key or password. Enter the correct password / key and you will be able to connect to wireless network on your XP computer.

If you don’t know the settings of your wireless network then you will need to access the router settings page and check the SSID and password if any. Make sure that the SSID Broadcast is enabled and the MAC address filter is disabled on your router.

how to connect to wireless network on WINDOWS XP

Errors while connecting on windows XP:

  1. Windows can not configure this wireless network :  On your computer there is another wireless network utility installed. You will need to use that utility or switch over to windows utility. Click Here for more information.
  2. No wireless networks are found in the range : The wireless switch on your laptop is turned OFF or your computer is not picking up the wireless signal or the router is not broadcasting the wireless signal. Click here for more information.
  3. Waiting for network to be ready: Remove your network from preferred wireless network list and try to connect again.  Click Here for more information.
  4. Limited or no connectivity : Incorrect network key or not getting IP address from the router. Click here for more information.
  5. windows can not connect to the network, network may no longer be in the range : Try to change the wireless settings on your router. Click here for more information

Also you will need to check if the wireless adapter on your computer is working properly.

If you follow the correct steps, you will definitely be able to connect to the wireless network.

Click here for easy steps to connect to the wireless network

Easy setup guide is designed to work with Linksys wireless router , Netgear wireless router, D Link wireless router and all other brands of routers.

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17 comments on “How to connect to wireless network on windows XP computer

  1. Windows XP Desktop is showing that its connected to the internet, but when I try to open internet explorer it says. Cannot Find Server. Page can not be displayed. How do I get it to connect? My laptop is wired to a router thats connected to my desktop and the internet on there works fine. For some reason though just the internet on my Desktop does not work. I also hooked my internet directly to my laptop and it works fine. But still my desktop is showing the same thing. I recently tried to Install Windows Service Pack 3 and there was a problem. It said Access Denied then quit the Installation. Since then I am not able to access the Internet. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  2. I have XP laptop which I can not connect to wi-fi.
    I also have windows Vista laptop which can connect and access wi-fi Internet.

  3. I got a new E1200 wireless router as a gift. I was able to setup my router using the CD. everytthing is working but not the old wireless laptop with windows XP. How do I connect on windows XP laptop.

  4. I just bought new Linksys E3000 wireless routers. I have old XP laptop which is having hard time while connecting to the wireless network. The new laptop is connected. Is E3000 compatible with windows XP ?

  5. I am trying to connect the old xp computer to the wireless network . I am not sure about the wireless settings of the router. when i try to connect, i get the error limited or mno connectivity. I think the password is not correct. i have linksys wrt54g router.

  6. I have just got a new D link router and I am trying to connect to the wireless network on XP computer. I am not able to see the network.
    my Vista computer is connected and able to go on line.

    1. Check the wireless settings of the router. If you have Windows XP SP1 computer and the wireless security is WPA or WPA2 then it is not going to work. you will need to lower down the security to WEP or upgrade the Operating system.

  7. My old XP desktop has a Linksys adapter which is working. I can connect to my neighbor’s SSID but not mine. I think it must be the issue with my router

  8. my old XP laptop can see the my own SSID but not able to connect. how can I connect? I can connect to another unsecured SSID in the list.

      1. When I try to connect on my X laptop it says windows can not configure this network . As I said this is old XP laptop and I have external Linksys adapter

  9. I am using Linksys wireless adapter. but the Linksys monitor was not on my computer.
    Any ways, My windows XP computer got connected finally.
    Thanks for your email support

  10. I have windows Xp computer which was not connecting .
    I was getting different errors. First I thought it was my computer and I called DELL.
    but they said that was not my computer and it was router.
    Router people did not help me because it was out of warranty. Thanks for your help.
    Finally I was able to connect to the wireless network.

  11. The wireless adapterwas not working. I just updated the drivers and got the working.
    It is now connected and working good.
    Thanks for your help.
    One more thing, your Guide is very good.

  12. You are using windows 2000 computer, there must be third party utility on your computer to connect to the wireless. If you are using Linksys adapter then you will find Linksys utility to connect to the wireless network.

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