You can share files and folders in several different ways. The most common way to share files in Windows is to share them directly from your computer.
you can share files from any folder on your computer or from the Public folder. Which method you use depends on where you want to store the shared folders, who you want to share them with, and how much control you want to have over the files. Either method allows you to share files or folders with someone using your computer or another computer on the same network.

You will need to follow 3 main steps to enable the file and printer sharing.
1) Setting the work group name to be the same as the other computers
2) Setting the network location type.
3) Enabling file and printer sharing options

If your computer is on a work group, you have the option of turning password protection on or off. If password protection is turned on, the person you are sharing with must have a user account and password on your computer in order to access the files and folders you are sharing. You can turn password protection on or off in the Network and Sharing Center.