To change the settings on the router, you will need to access the router web interface. Let's call it as a setup page of the router

It is always better to change the settings of the router using the setup page. And many advanced settings can not be changed using the CD.

Each and every router has it's own IP address also called as Default gateway. First you will need to check the IP address of the router. You can open the set up page using the IP address of the router. When you try to access the set up page of the router, it will ask you for the user name and password. All the routers have their own default user name and password. You can try to log in using the default user name and password. For example, the default password for Linksys router is admin .

If the default password is not working then you must have changed the password of the router. You can try some of your common passwords. If you don't remember the password of the router and the default password if not working then you will need to reset the router and reconfigure the router. Once you reset the router, it will come back to the factory default settings. You will need to reconfigure the router according to you Internet service provider.

Click here to know how to set up your router without installation CD

Follow the Easy steps of Easy setup Guide to access the router page.

Is there any computer connected to the router with the cable OR able to go online wireless ?

First we will check the IP address of the computer on which you are currently working.
Using the IP address of the router we will open the set up page of your router.

What is the Operating system of your computer ?


WINDOWS ME /98 >>     WINDOWS XP / 2000 >>

WINDOWS VISTA / 7 >>     MAC OS >>


How to check the Operating system on the windows computer ?
Click Start ==> You will see " My computer" or " Computer ". Right click on it and go to Properties option. It will open a new window. On this window you will see the operating system of your computer.
OR click Start ==> Go to RUN ==> In the RUN box type winver and click OK.