Easy steps to fix your Home or small office network !
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How to setup router without CD or software ?

You don't need to run installation CD or any kind of software to install your wired or wireless router. You can do it manually.
You just need to open the set up page of the router. This is the page where you can change the Internet and wireless settings of the router.
Follow the 3 steps of Easy Setup Guide and install your router.
  1. Connect the computer and modem to the router and open the setup page of the router. Change Internet connection settings of the router according to the Internet service provider so that your main computer will be able to access the Internet.
  2. Change the wireless network settings and create your own secured wireless network.
  3. Connect all your wireless computers and networking devices. If you have a laptop, iPad, iPhone, gaming stations, then connect them to the wireless network.

Before we go through the installation process, select your Internet service provider.

Who is your Internet Service Provider ?

   CABLE               DSL      




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