What is Default Linksys Router Password?

Each and every Linksys router has a default password to open the Linksys router setup page. I will show you what to do when default Linksys router password is not working.

Linksys is the division of the Cisco Company which manufactures some of the most widely used network routers. This is one of the most used brands for broadband routers. Linksys manufactures a huge series of broadband routers according to the needs of every customer. “admin” mostly used Linksys Router Password.

All Linksys routers have a built-in web based setup page that can be used to change settings or reset the Linksys router password. Before accessing the Linksys router setup page, ensure that it is powered on and connect your computer to one of the Ethernet Ports from 1 to 4. Broadband routers allow users to configure settings through their web browser using the factory set Private IP Address.

Basic Information

The default IP address of Linksys router is generally

Open Internet browser and in the address bar type It will ask you for the user name and password to access setup page.

Remember this is the password to access the setup page. Don’t get confused between log in password and Wireless network key.

Often people find difficulty in remembering their passwords. They do not require using it on a regular basis, and so they tend to forget these changed passwords. It is always suggested to change your default broadband password to something easy to remember yet not to be weak password that could easily be broken by anybody.

You can off-course change this default broadband router password to your liking and also can reset it to the factory default, in case you forgot your changed password.

Linksys Router Password

Default password:

The Default password for most of the Linksys routers is admin, leave the user name blank.

Model:  WRT54G, WRT54GS, WRT54GX, WRT54GX2, WRT54GX4, BEFW11S4, BEFSR41, BEFSR81, WRT110, WRT120N, WRT160N, WRT320N, WRT300N, WRT150N,WRT54G2, WRT54GS2

User Name = (Leave it blank)

Password = admin

Router supplied by COMCAST, Model WCG200 :

User name: Comcast

Password: 1234

Linksys E-series router default password

The default password for Linksys E series router is also admin provided you install the router without Cisco connect software.Linksys Router Password

Model: E1000, E1200, E2500, E2000, E3000, E3200, E4200, E1500.

If you run Cisco connect software to install E series router, then your wireless network key will also be the password to access router setup page.

In this case you can open the Cisco connect software from your main computer and check the Router settings.

You will find option of Advanced settings. If you click on this option, it will open the Linksys router setup page directly. If you change the router password through web page, cisco connect will stop working.

Note:  If the default password is not working then you can try some different password that you could be the password you used while installing your router for the first time.

Reset the Linksys router

If nothing is working then you will need to Reset the Linksys router and reconfigure it from the scratch. Remember if you press the reset button, you will lose all the settings of the network and it will come back to factory default settings.

Once you reset the router, it will lose all the settings and will come back to factory defaults. In that case, you will need to reconfigure it from the scratch.

Reconfiguration of the Linksys router.

For the re-configuration of Linksys router, you do not need installation Cd or program. You can simply open the setup page of the router and change the settings manually.

How to setup Linksys router – Easy steps

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20 comments on “Default Linksys Router Password

  1. Default Linksys router password doesn’t work on
    I’m trying to get into my router’s configuration page via I left the password blank and typed in “admin,” but the log-in box doesn’t accept it and merely erases what I typed in. Can you help me identify what I am doing wrong?

  2. Not able to connect to the secured wireless network on my MAC.
    I just bought a new MAC computer and trying to connect to the old wireless network which is WEP secured. I have old desktop which is connected to the wireless network.
    The new MAC says error joining wireless network.
    If I change the security type to WPA / WPA2 the old one will not connect.
    What can I do now?

  3. I have a router that i used about two years ago and i am going to use it again on other lap top but i forgot the password what shall i do?? thanks. Mary

  4. I have WRt120N wireless and I am trying to open the setup page. I want to secure my wireless network as it is open for a long time.
    When I enter the, it does not ask for the password, it says 401 unauthorized .

  5. I have WCG200 and I got it from comcast, my Internet service provider. I want ot open the ports on the router so that I can play game. I tried the default password admin, that did not work. I tried 1234 and I that did not work either. I think now I need to reset it.

  6. Can not connect kindle to wifi. I have the correct security key and all my other wireless devices are connected with the same key. Only kindle is not working.

  7. I am having hard time connecting my new iPad to the wifi. I can see my wifi and it shows a secure connecting with a lock on it. But I am not finding a place to enter the security pin.

  8. I have Linksys WCG200 which was given by comcast. The user name for my WCG200 is comcast and password is 1234.

  9. I tried to reset my old WRT120N and still I can not access the setup page. I tried to run the installation CD also but it is not installing the network. The power light is not blinking when I press the reset button. I think the reset on my wrt1290n might not be working.

  10. Thanks for your help. I was not able to connect to the wifi because I forgot my wireless network key and could not open the setup page. I did reset the router and reconfigured the router with the new SSID and security password settings. Easy setup Guide helped me to reinstall my E3000 without cisco connect software.

  11. Nice information…Finally I was able to connect to the wireless network. I had to reset my router and reconfigure the network. Your Easy guide is very helpful. Thanks again…

  12. The default password is admin. I tried it many times but it is not working. I have wrt120N and it is working fine. I want to change the wireless network key but I can not access the setup page to change the settings. Don’t know what to do? I tried to reset it many times.

  13. I have old WRT54G and it has been working without any problem. Recently I was to add play station for my kids. I can connect the playstation to the Internet bit can not play games with other people. I want to disable the firewall but I can not access the setup page. The default settings are not working. I tried to reset it many times but nothing is happening.

  14. I have E3000 and want to change some settings to open NAT for my xbox. I am not able to open the setup. Tried to reset it many times but still no luck. What can I try. Should I try running the setup CD again. I do not even see cisco connect software on any of my computers.

  15. I have the correct password but I can not open the setup page of my WRT54G. All my computers are wired to the WRT54G and I want to connect new wireless laptop in the network. My wifi shows unsecured and I want to make it secured. If I am not able to open the setup page then I will have to reset it to factory default settings.

  16. The default password is not working. I have WRT120N which I had been using for almost 3 years with no problems. I want to change the wireless network password and that is why I am trying to open the setup page. But I can not open it. The default admin is not working. I tried to reset it many times but still no luck.

  17. Can not connect to the wireless network. Just bought new kindle and trying to connect to wifi. I got the wireless key which is not accepted on kindle. I can connect when I use the same key on my laptop. I think I should reset and reconfigure it.

  18. I have been using WRt120N for 2 years without any problem. I want to change the security settings on the network. I can not access the setup page. i tried to reset it many times but nothing is working. The factory defaults are not working. It still shows my network name even if I reset it many times. he power light does blink.

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