Static IP Setup always fails with CC:

Setup wizard fails with Static IP connection if the user did not get a message “You are now connected to the router but the internet can not be found”
Setup wizard fails and does not provide a message “You are connected to the router but the Internet can’t be found” with a link to click on Advance settings for the user to click on it, to enter the Static IP on the router and continue with the wizard. Instead they get a message to contact support.

Reset the router and make sure Cisco Connect is not installed. Run the setup wizard, expect setup to fail but the user must get the following message: “YOU ARE NOW CONNECTED TO THE ROUTER BUT THE INTERNET CAN NOT BE FOUND”. It will have a link to click on ADVANCE SETTINGS, have the customer click on this link BUT DO NOT close the wizard. You will be redirect to the UI.
Enter the static IP info on the router, click save settings, then click on Next on the setup wizard for the wizard to install successfully.

WGA54G V2 can’t connect to E3000 in WPA/WPA2 mixed mode :

When router is set to WPA/WPA2 mixed mode the WGA54G will not wirelessly connect but if the router is set to only WPA personal, the WGA54G will connect.
Change the router to WPA personal .

Wvc54gc and Wvc54gca will not connect wirelessly to the E3000 using WPA :

The Wvc54gc and Wvc54gca cameras cannot connect wirelessly to the E3000 using WPA. WPA2 and no encryption works.

Use WPA2.

AE1000 Adapter shows disabled in Network & Sharing center.:

Adapter installs successfully but can’t see any wireless networks. Adapter shows enabled in Device Manager but disabled in Network & Sharing center on a computer that has Kaspersky installed.

Go to Network & Sharing Center or Network Connections. Right click on the adapter and click Properties. Uncheck Kaspersky Anti-Virus NDIS 6 Filter and click OK. Adapter should automatically enabled, or you may need to right click on it and enable it, now the customer will be able to see wireless networks. If you still don’t see any networks, reboot the computer.

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  1. Do not upgrade the firmware on E3000 router using the Cisco connect software. You might have installed the Cisco connect software on your main computer. It will prompt you for the automatic upgrade for the router. Do not upgrade the router firmware using the Cisco connect software. The power light on the router will start blinking and your router will be bricked. You may need to reset the router to factory default settings. If that doesn’t work then replace the router.

  2. Thanks for your Easy setup Guide. It was very easy to setup the cisco e1000 router without the Cd. you can simply open the setup page and change the settings.

  3. I had the same problem with the new AE1000 adapter. I just disabled the Kasperkey and enabled automatically. Thanks

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