Linksys E1000, E2000, E2100L, E3000 router setup

Linksys E1000, E2000, E2100L, E3000 router setup

All Linksys E series routers, E1000, E2000, E3000, work on the Wireless N technology. You can get wireless speed up to 300 Mbps. All the E series routers have Gigabit Ethernet ports which can give you speed up to 1000 Mbps wired connection speed.

E1000 router works on 2.4 GHz wireless signal only.

E2100L router also works on 2.4 GHz wireless signal. This router has a USB port on it. You can connect the USB hard drive to the router and share the hard drive with all the computers connected in the network.

E2000 and E3000 routers work on 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz powerful wireless signal. You can connect your gaming devices, blue ray players, DVR system to this router for smoother and faster video streaming.

Linksys router setup is easy and of course, you can setup and troubleshoot these E-series routers on your own.

Follow the easy steps of Fix Home network’s Easy setup Guide and do it yourself.

All the E series routers come with the great Cisco connect software for the easy installation. Before installing the router, make sure that your Internet is working properly through the modem. Now insert the CD in to the same computer. Follow the steps of the CD. It may not ask you to connect the computer to the router. But it is recommended that you should connect your computer to the router for the initial set up of the router. Now go to the next step on the set up CD. It will take up to 5 minutes to set up the router.

If you do not have CD or if you are not able to setup the router using CD then you can do it manually also. You can open the Linksys router setup page and change the settings manually. It is very simple.


Linksys E1000 E2000 E3000 router setupCisco connect software will also give you option of parental control where you can limit the access to the Internet according to time as well as websites. This software is capable of creating a guest network access. You can limit the number of guest computers. The guest wireless network will be totally a different wireless network.

Once you set up the router manually or using the CD then you can try to connect to the wireless network on the other computers or devices. You don’t need to run the C on the wireless computer. You can simply connect to the network.

What is the default password of Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000 wireless router?

This is the most common question asked about all the routers. The default password of all the Linksys wireless routers is admin , leave the user name blank.

If you install E1000, E2000 or any Linksys E-series router using Cisco connect software then the router password will not be admin.  In this case you need to check the cisco connect software installation on your main computer. The wireless network key and the password to access the router will be same.

If the admin and other passwords do not work then you may need to reset the device and reconfigure it from the scratch. Remember, if you reset the device, it will come back to factory default and you will lose all the settings.

Easy steps to connect to the wireless network.

If your device is not working properly or if you have signal dropping issue then I will suggest you to upgrade the firmware on your router. Open the Linksys router setup page, go to status tab and check the current firmware version on your device. Download the latest firmware from Linksys support website and upgrade it. Do not upgrade firmware with the wireless computer. Always connect the computer to the router with the Ethernet cable.

Linksys E1000, E2000, E2100L and E3000 routers come with one year of hardware warranty but the Free technical support for these routers will be only for 90 days. Use Fix Home Network’s Easy setup Guide. It is specially designed for Linksys router setup and troubleshooting.