Linksys E3000 router setup and troubleshooting steps

Linksys E3000 router setup is as simple as other Linksys router setup. You can install this model with or without Cisco connect software. However if you want to use Guest network feature, you will need to install Cisco connect software. Linksys E3000 router is a powerful dual band wireless N router for smoother and faster video streaming. It also has a built in USB port to connect the storage device. You can connect USB storage device upto 2 TB to the router and share the drive on all the computers and devices in the network.

Linksys E3000 setup using Cisco connect software:

This router comes with the Cisco connect software that you can use to install easily. It also has Guest network access. Guest network is a virtual network for the guest computers. The guest network always shows unsecured but it is secured. Anyone can connect to the guest network without a password but it will ask you for the guest password when you try to access the Internet.

Connect the modem and computer to the router. I will suggest you to reset the E3000 router before initial installation. Put the Linksys router setup CD in the main computer. Cisco connect software will start installing your router automatically.  The software will create a unique wireless network as well as guest network access.

You can not use Guest network without Cisco connect software. That means in order to use Guest network feature of the E3000, you will need to install E3000 using CD. If you change any wireless settings manually then Cisco connect software will stop working.

Easy steps to setup Linksys E3000 router without installation CD:

Like other routers, E3000 setup can be done manually without installation CD.

Step 1: Connect the main computer directly to the modem and make sure that you can access the Internet through the modem.

Linksys E3000 router

Linksys E3000 router

Step 2: Connect the main computer to the Ethernet port on E3000.

Step 3: Connect the Internet modem to the Internet port on E3000.

You will see 4 lights on the router, power, Internet, wireless and Ethernet.

Now here many of us will make mistakes. The connections are really very important. The computer must be connected to one of the Ethernet ports. If you connect the computer to the Internet port then it will not work. The Internet port should be connected to the modem only. The Internet port is generally standing alone and 4 Ethernet ports are together.

Step 4: Open the Linksys router setup page using is the default IP address of almost all the models of Linksys router. And the default password is admin.

Step 5: Change the Internet connection settings according to your Internet service provider. This is very important. If you are not able to change the settings successfully, your router will not be able to communicate with the modem.

For Cable Internet service, you will need to clone the MAC address of your main computer. For DSL internet service, you may need to change the PPPoE settings or you may need to change the IP address of the router.

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Step 6: Once your main computer is able to access the Internet through the modem, change the wireless network settings. Create a new wireless network and connect all the wireless computers and devices to the wi fi network. Don’t forget about Wireless network security. You should secure your WiFi. WEP is old security type and can be cracked easily. I will recommend WPA or WPA2 security type.

Now one by one connect all the computers and devices to the WiFi. Make sure that you are entering correct security key because it is case sensitive.

Remember, if you install your router manually, you will not be able to use guest network.

Linksys E3000 firmware upgrade:

There are a lot of issues with the initial Linksys E3000 firmware release. Wireless connection dropping is the major problem with E3000. So I will advise you to upgrade/re-flash the E3000 firmware .  After upgrading the firmware, reset it and reconfigure it manually.

Also make sure that there will be enough ventilation around your router because this router heats up quickly.

What is Linksys E3000 default password?

This is the common question asked for all the routers. For all Linksys wireless routers the default password is admin, leave the user name blank. But in case of E3000, if you install it using Cisco connect software, the default password will change. You can find the router password and wireless network password on Cisco connect software interface.

The Hardware warranty for the Linksys E series router is 1 year but the Free technical support over the phone will be only for 90 days.

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