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Linksys router setup process is very easy and of course you can do it manually. You don’t even need to run the installation CD or any kind of software such as Cisco connect. Connect the modem and the computer to the Ethernet port on the router. Open the setup page and change the settings manually. Seems very easy process.

Basic steps are listed below. We will go through these steps in detail. The setup process will be same for almost all the Linksys routers (WRT54G WRT120N, WRT160N, E1000, E1200, E2000, E3000 and so on…). Follow the simple steps below and you will  get your router up and running in minutes.

  1. Make sure that internet service provider’s modem is working properly.
  2. Make connections between Modem – Router – Computer
  3. Open the Linksys router setup page.
  4. Change the Internet connection settings according to your Internet service provider (cable/DSL)
  5. Get your Main computer up and running on Internet.
  6. Change the Wireless settings on the router and get all the wireless devices and computers connected.

Cable/DSL routers are very easy to install. You just need to access the Linksys router setup page and change the Internet connection settings manually. Configuration page is the page where you can change the settings. You can open this page when your computer is connected with the Ethernet cable. Make sure that while changing the settings, your computer should be connected with the Ethernet cable. Do not change the settings when your computer is wireless.

Lets Do it Step by Step below

Follow the easy steps:

Step 1:

First make sure that your broadband modem is working given by ISP. Connect your Desktop or the main computer directly to the broadband modem. Make sure that your main computer is able to access Internet directly through the modem. If you are not able to access internet after connecting a computer directly to the modem then contact your ISP and get your modem working first.

In case of DSL connection, you may not be able to access the Internet directly through the DSL modem. In this case you must have PPPoE User name and password from the DSL company. Make sure that you have the correct PPPoE user name and password. if you do not have PPPoE user name and password then get in touch with your Internet service provider and get it.

I was using Linksys WRT54G for many years. This is a really very good  wireless G model. I was using DSL Internet connection at home. The connection was dropping always. I thought my device was dropping connection and I used to reinstall it again and again. I was very frustrated. On day I took it out from my WRT54G and connected my laptop directly to the modem. I found that my Internet modem was dropping the connection and I was blaming my Linksys WRT54G.

So, first make sure the modem is working fine.

Step 2:

Connect the Desktop or the main computer and broadband modem to the Linksys router with the Ethernet cables. Connect the modem to the Internet port (which is standing alone ) and computer to the LAN port. There are 4 LAN ports for connecting computers and 1 Internet port for modem only. If you connect the modem and computer to the wrong port, you will not be able to open the Linksys router setup page. If you have computer connected to the WAN port then it will not communicate with the Linksys router. Connection is very important. You will see 4 lights, Power, WAN, wireless and Ethernet.

Linksys Router setup

Linksys router setup :  Connections video

Small introductory video for connections to the router. Your device may look different but the connections will remain same.

Step 3:

First check the DHCP IP address on your computer. Open the command prompt. Type ipconfig and hit enter. You will see different IP addresses. Look for Default gateway for Local Area connection or Local network Adapter. This is the number you will need to open the router web interface for setting up network. is the default IP address of almost all the models of Linksys Wifi router.

Open a web browser on your Desktop or main computer. In the address bar type the number .  Turn off the firewall on your computer if you face any issues accessing the Linksys router setup  page. (If you are still having issues opening the page then check the IP address on your computer. The default gateway will be the IP address your boradband router. Use that number to open the page. Also make sure that there is no static IP address set on a computer.)

Step 4:

It will prompt you to enter the Username and password. The username is admin. The default password is also admin. If the default password is not working then you can reset the device to the factory default. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait for 30 seconds. Power cycle the router.

You will see the setup page on your screen. This is the Web interface of the router and it will help you change the router settings. There are different tabs on this page. Also you may see slightly different setup page for different routers but the settings will remain same for all of them.

Setup page of the router

Step 5: How to set up

Change the Network connection settings according to your service provider.

For Cable boradband, you need to clone the MAC address of your main computer. (You will see the option on the Basic setup page, Clone My PC’s MAC address). Check this link for easy steps for Cable ISP. Make sure that DHCP server is set to enabled.

For DSL Internet service, you may need to change the PPPoE settings or you may need to change the IP address. Or in some cases, you need to change IP address of the router. Check this link for step for easy steps for DSL ISP

Step 6:

Try to go online on your main computer.

If you are not able to access the Internet on your main computer then you might have missed the connection settings.

Step 7:

Once you are able to go online on the main computer, you can change the wireless network settings. For wireless network setup, go to the wireless tab on the setup page. Change the wireless network name and enter the security password for your wireless network.

The WEP / WPA key is nothing but a password for your wireless network (also called as wireless passphrase). If you keep it open or unsecured then any one can connect. They can use your Internet service for Free. To avoid this, you should have security enabled on wireless networks. Many routers come with unsecured factory default settings. For better connection, use WPA2 with AES encryption. WPA2 is a string wireless security mode. WEP is now older security mode and can be cracked easily. Wireless network security is very important for your network.

Linksys router setup : Web-based Interface

Linksys Router Setup
Setup page where you can change the settings of your network

Step 10:

Now try to connect to the new wireless network on your computers/devices wirelessly. Wireless Networking on windows and MAC computers is really easy. First you will need to search for the SSID on your wireless computer. SSID is the name of your wireless network. Once you find the SSID, try to connect to the SSID. Enter the password / passphrase and try to connect to get wireless Access. Once connected to Access point or network, try to access Internet on wireless device. You will be able to connect to the Internet on your wireless computer also.

In many case, you may need to do port forwarding for various applications like gaming stations in your Local Area network. Port forwarding is available under Security settings  tab on the router setup page.

If you are having trouble with wireless network speed or range, try changing the wireless channel. This option is available under Wireless settings tab. If wireless device is too far from the Linksys router then try using wireless Range expander or extender.

If you are still not able to configure your router then follow these very basic step by step Fix Home Network’s Easy setup Guide and install your Linksys router in few minutes.

Configuring wireless broadband router is not difficult at all. Use Fix Home Network’s FREE guide for easy Linksys router setup without installation CD.  It is designed to work with almost all the models of Linksys wireless router as well as D link, Belkin and other company Broadband router. It will work for Wireless G, Wireless N routers, dual band routers.

Many new Linksys home wireless routers (for example,  E1000, E2000, E3000, E4200) will broadcast 2 different SSIDs. One of them is the main SSID and the other is for guest access. In order to use Guest access, you need to install Cisco connect software.

How to upgrade Linksys router firmware:

Make sure that your Linksys router is running on latest firmware. If not then download the latest firmware from Linksys website and upgrade the firmware.  You can also try DD WRT or OpenWRT firmwares which are designed for Home router and access point.


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  1. linksys router stopped working.
    I’ve had my 3 computers connected via wired router for years. Last week, the internet suddenly stopped working. When I bypassed the router, and plugged the cable modem directly into one of my computers the internet worked fine (on that computer). When I tried to reconnect the router, the router setup said the router couldn’t be connected. I know it is getting a signal b/c the internet light is on. So I went out and bought another router. Setup went fine. All 3 computers had internet for about a day and a half and I thought the problem was solved. When I woke up this morning, I’m having the same problem as before. What is wrong with my computer that is suddenly stopping the router from working?

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