Linksys WRT160N router setup without CD :

The Linksys WRT160N router setup is very easy and you can do it manually. Free technical support for Linksys WRT160N is for only one year. You don’t even need to run the installation disc. If your WRT160N is more than 1 year old then it is Out of warranty. Out of warranty does not mean that your router is broken or it is not good any more. Of course it is still in a working condition, you just need few steps to make it working again. Linksys router setup is very easy and you can do it manually.

This is one of the N series routers that Linksys has launched.  Linksys WRT160N is a cable/DSL router that means it can work with cable Internet service provider and DSL Internet service provider.
Now, in the market, you will find a new E series of Linksys routers. The E1000 is nothing but Linksys WRT160N. The only difference is that E1000 comes with a special Cisco connect software.

Follow the steps below to configure the Linksys WRT160 Router:



Linksys WRT160N router setup without CD:

Linksys WRT160N router setup

If you have CD or the installation software for Linksys  router setup then you can try to run the CD and setup the network.

First make sure that your computer is able to access the Internet when connected directly to the modem. If you are able to go on line with the modem that means your modem is working properly.

Connect the main computer to the Ethernet port and modem to the Internet port of the router.

Check the Light status. You will see power, Internet, wireless and Ethernet light.

Open the Linksys router setup page. Change the Internet connection settings according to your Internet service provider.

Once your main computer is able to access the Internet through the router, change the wireless network settings. Create a new wireless network with the unique password.

Connect all the wireless computers and devices to the new wireless network.

Click to get access to Easy setup Guide.

Wireless connection and security for Linksys WRT160N router:

You can connect up to 4 computers/ devices to Linksys WRT160N with the Ethernet cable. It has 4 Ethernet ports for 4 wired connections. If you have more than 4 computers that you would like to connect then you can use a switch to extend the number of ports.
Ideally you can use up to 32 wireless computers in the network using wireless N router.
Before connecting to the wireless network make sure that you have all the wireless settings of the network. You need to know the name of the network and the type of security. The type of security supported will be WEP , WPA and WPA2.

Click here for easy steps to connect to the wireless network

Linksys WRT160N router firmware upgrade :

Many users of this model are facing problems connecting to the wireless network or slow Internet access. However if you upgrade the firmware of the router, you will get better speed and network connectivity.
There is a new Linksys WRT160N Firmware release. Firmware is the software of the router. All the bugs or deficiencies can be removed by the firmware upgrade. After upgrading the firmware it is recommended that you should reset the router to the factory default settings and reconfigure it.

See How to upgrade Linksys router firmware

What is WRT160N router default password?

This is the common question always for all the models of all the routers. The default password of Linksys WRT160N is admin, leave the user name blank. If the default password is not working then try some different passwords that you use most often. If nothing is working then you will need to reset the router and start from the scratch. Remember that if you reset the device, it will come back to factory defaults and you will lose all the settings.

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The internet is also the first place you will go when you are planning to get technical support. There are many websites with lot of general information about Linksys router setup. But all the networks are not same.You need proper simple steps to fix your problem.

I will suggest you to use Fix Home Network’s Easy setup Guide for Linksys router setup which will also work for your Linksys WRT160N setup. Simply follow the easy steps and get it working in minutes.

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  1. Hi, My Linksys WRT160N wireless router stopped working all of the sudden. When I connect to the internet wirelessly my laptops say I have full signal but “No Internet Access.” None of the 4 wired ports on the back of the WRT160N router give me wired internet. The only way I can get internet is to connect the wire to my internet modem.

  2. This is surely a great help. I had been trying to get my WT160n to communicate with my new modem. This was working with the DSL modem but I recently switched over to cable. My computer was able to access Internet through the cable modem. I upgraded the firmware and made some changes that you suggested and I am getting better wireless internet too. Thanks

  3. How do I upgrade firmware if I am not able to open the setup page?
    My PC is connected with the Ethernet cable and I can access the Internet. I also have a laptop which is dropping wireless many times a day. I want to upgrade firmware but I can not access the setup page. The IP address on the computer is and default gateway is When I enter the number it says can not display the webpage.

  4. How can I connect 2 routers to each other. I have one WRT160N which is connected to the modem and want to ex[and network to the second floor. I have another wireless G router which I want to connect to the main router and use wifi on the second floor.

  5. Trying to upgrade firmware on my olf WRT160N but can not update it. Each time I try to open the setup page, it gives me error Authentication failed. I did reset it many times but no luck yet. I have already downloaded the firmware file. Is there a way where I can upgrade firmware without opening the setup page?

  6. I just bought an IMAC and now my internet won’t work through my router (worked fine with my PC). If I plug the cord straight from the modem to the computer it will work but if I plug the cord into the wireless router then into the computer, it won’t work. Our wireless won’t work either. Please help! I called Linksys but I refuse to play $40 for them to fix their product! SO Frustrating!@

  7. I tried to upgrade firmware and did reset it many times. But the wifi connection on my new iPad is dropping. I have a laptop also which stays connected and I can access Internet without any problem. only the ipad is not consistent.

  8. I think firmware upgrade can resolve many issues. I was not able to access Internet for more than 5 minutes. The connection was very intermittent. I upgraded the firmware and reinstalled the wifi and now it is working better than before.

  9. I can not connect to the wireless network. I upgraded the firmware and reinstalled the wrt160n but still can not connect. I have 4 wireless computers. 3 are able to connect. Only one is not working. I think it might be the problem with the computer then.

  10. I am trying to run setup CD but it is not working on my main computer. The main computer is old desktop. It is connected with the Ethernet cable but the device is not detected. I can see the Ethernet light is lit up and Local area connection says connected. Not sure how to make it working. It was working before. I pressed the reset button accidentally.

  11. Linksys Wrt160n setup process is very easy.
    Connect the main computer to the router and open the setup page to change the settings manually.
    Thanks for the help. I got my network working using your steps. Fix Home Network’s Easy setup guide is very good. The steps are very simple. I got my router working and also Linksys WRT160N firmware is upgraded.

  12. Need steps for Linksys WRT160N setup manually without CD. I bought this device from one of my friends. He was using it for years and does not have installation CD. I have a cable Internet service and want wifi at home. I have a desktop and newly bought laptop for which I need wifi. How do I change the setup settings manually. Is it necessary to upgrade the firmware?

  13. I am trying to change the settings manually but I can not access the settings page.
    My computer is connected with the Ethernet cable and I can see Ethernet light is lit up solid. I am able to ping the IP address but when I try to open the settings page it says 401 unauthorized. It doesnot even ask for the password.
    Is that problem with my computer or the settings page? I have only one computer and xbox and PS3.

  14. I think I also need firmware upgrade. I have version 3 model. I can open the settings page but I can not make any changes. Nothing happens when I click on save settings. I tried to reset many times. I have downloaded the firmware but not able to upgrade it.

  15. Where do I get instruction for Linksys Wrt160n firmware upgrade. I am not even able to open the firmware file. I tried with 2 different computers but the firmware file is not opening. Can I also get Linksys WRT160N setup CD ?

  16. Where can I find Linksys WRT160N setup manual for wifi network setup. I do not have setup CD and also want this firmware upgrade manually.

  17. What is the default password of WRT160N? I am trying to configure it with new ISP. I do not have CD and it is not accepting the default password to login to the setup page.

  18. I need wrt160n firmware upgrade because the connection is intermittent and I can not even use my laptop for more than 5 minutes. The wired setup is working fine it is just the wi-fi which is having issues. Also need Linksys WRT160N setup CD.

  19. How to get WRT160N setup without CD? I tried to open the setup page using and but nothing is working. My computer is connected with the Ethernet cable and not using wi-fi connection. I also tried to reset the device many times. It is not even asking for the password. I think it is not even detecting the wired computer.

  20. I think WRT160N firmware has many issues with wifi connection. Specially version 3 has more problems. Make sure that firmware must be upgraded otherwise the wireless connection will drop. Check the website for new wrt160n firmware release . After upgrading theLinksys WRt160N firmware, reset and reconfigure it.

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