what is Cisco connect software ?

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Cisco connect software Cisco connect software is a program used for the initial installation of Linksys E-series and EA-series routers. This software will work with Cisco E1000, E2000, Cisco E3000, E4200, E1200, E2500, Cisco Valet M10, Cisco Valet plus M20 and other Cisco EA series routers. Cisco connect software will let you manage your network… continue reading »

Error 321 Router setup

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What is Error 321 ? You get this error 321 when you try to install the router using the CD. This error shows that your computer is not connected to the router or the connection between the router and the computer is not working. When you run the CD , it will ask you to… continue reading »

Linksys WRT120N router set up without CD

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Linksys WRT120N router setup without CD I think Linksys WRT120N router setup is very easy and you can do it manually by opening the setup page with the default password. Linksys WRT120N router setup is easy. You can simply open the Linksys router setup interface and change the settings manually. You don’t even need to… continue reading »

Easy setup key for E series or valet routers

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What is Easy setup key? Easy setup key is nothing but a small flash drive which will store all the settings of your network. It comes with the Cisco Valet or E series routers. It looks like a small USB wireless adapter but it is not the wireless adapter. The wireless network adapter is a… continue reading »

Cisco Guest network access for Linksys routers

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What is Cisco connect Guest network access ? Cisco Guest network access is a very good feature that you can use with Cisco Linksys E series routers. For Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000 routers, you need to install Cisco connect software in order to use Guest network access. For Linksys E1200, E4200, E3200 and new E… continue reading »

Linksys router Parental control settings

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Parental control settings on Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000 routers Open the Cisco connect software on your main computer. Cisco connect software is the software that comes with the Linksys E series router. You can not use Parental control settings or Guest access settings without installing the Cisco connect software. Parental control settings: When you open… continue reading »

Linksys E1000 Cisco connect software

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Linksys E1000 Cisco connect software Cisco has launched new software for its new Linksys E series and Cisco Valet routers such as Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000, E4200 which is also known as Cisco connect software.  Cisco connect software will make your network setup very easy. It can transform anyone into networking expert and it will… continue reading »

Linksys WRT54G router setup

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How to setup Linksys WRT54G wireless router. Easy troubleshooting steps for this router. If you have WRT54G V5 or V6 router then first upgrade the firmware of the router…

Wireless network adapter on windows XP.

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Wireless Network Adapter: In order to join wireless network connection on any computer, you need a wireless network adapter installed on that computer. You can check the wireless network adapter status in the Device manager. You will need to open the device manager. Go to Start. You will see My computer Icon. Right click on… continue reading »

How to connect xbox to the wireless network

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How to connect Xbox to the wireless network ( xbox wifi setup) Easy steps to connect Xbox to the wireless network. Before connecting the xbox to the wireless network, make sure that you have all the settings of your network. You will need the name of the  SSID and the key or password. If you… continue reading »