Cisco valet M10 or M20 router setup

The Cisco Valet M10 is nothing but the Linksys wireless E1000. The basic functions and troubleshooting of Valet M10 will be same as Linksys E1000. There is no difference between these 2 models.

Cisco valet plus M20 is nothing but the Linksys E2000. Again the basic functions and troubleshooting will the same. Linksys E2000 works on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless signal where the Cisco Valet M20 works only on 2.4 GHz wireless signal.

For Linksys E1000 and E2000 routers the hardware warranty is 1 year and the free technical support is only for 90 days,

For Cisco Valet M10 and M20 routers the hardware warranty is 1 year and Free technical support is also 1 year.

There is a price difference between the Linksys E series and Cisco Valet routers. The price difference is  only for the Free technical support. Linksys E series routers are approximately $30 cheaper than Cisco valet routers.

How to setup Cisco valet M10 and M20 router:

Cisco Valet M10 M20

Cisco valet M10 and M20 routers come with the Flash drive or Easy setup key. No need to run the CD. Connect the Flash drive to your main computer and run the Cisco connect software. This software will do all the required setup for you. Once you setup the Cisco connect software on the main computer, you will be able to access the Internet on the main computer.

Now connect the Setup key to the wireless  computer and the key will connect your wireless computer to the network automatically. If you have another wireless computer then you can connect the key to other wireless computer and that computer will also connect to the wireless network automatically.

You can also install Valet routers without Cisco connect software also. like other routers, you can change the settings of these routers using the setup page.

How to setup Cisco Valet M10 and M20 router without Cisco connect software:

Step 1:

Connect the main computer directly to the modem and make sure that internet is working through the modem.

Step 2:

Now Connect the computer and modem to the Valet.

Step 3:

Try to open the setup page of the Valet and change the internet connection settings. Create a new wireless network with security password.

Step 4: Connect your other computers and devices to the network.

Easy steps to setup router without Software.

If you have any problem settings up the router using Cisco connect software then you can do it without any program. You can setup the router manually. Connect one of your computers to the Ethernet port of Valet and open the setup page. On this page you will find all the settings that you can change manually. Change the Internet connection type and create your own wireless network.

Click here to use Fix Home Network’s Easy Setup Guide and configure your router manually.

17 comments on “Cisco valet M10 or M20 router setup and troubleshooting

  1. Valet M10 not working.
    i cant connect to the internet through my valet M10 router. but when i plug my ethernet cable from the modem to my desk top or lap top i get internet just fine… I have tried unplugging and re plugging everything in, I have tried updating the firmware.
    but i it wont update cause i cant get internet through the router. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the device.

  2. I need manual for my M10 wifi setup. I am able to open the settings page but don’t know how to change the settings. Also want to know whether I can setup guest network without Cisco coftware?

  3. Trying to change settings of Valet M10 . I am able to open the settings page but can not save the settings. When I click on save settings, nothing happens. I was asked to upgrade the firmware. I downloaded the firmware file but not able to upgrade the firmware either.

  4. I am using Cisco Valet M10 at home. I can open the setup page and change the setting. But for some reason it is not saving the settings. I was asked to upgrade firmware. Hoe do I upgrade firmware of Valet M10?

  5. Where can I find manual doe Cisco M10 and M20 Valet ? I want to setup without CD. I have DSL connection and I can access the Internet when I connect the computer directly to the modem.

  6. The default password of Valet M10 and M20 is admin. But if you have ran Cisco software for initial setup then password might be different. You can open the software and check the password settings.

  7. What is the default password of Cisco valet M10 ? I installed it manually and I am not sure about the guest password either. I need help.

  8. How do I setup my M20 without CD? I tried to access the configuration page using but it is not working. I know my laptop is connected with the cable to the router but the port light is not lit up. I do not have other computer for testing. I never used my laptop with the Ethernet connection before. Is it the problem with my laptop?

  9. I am trying to configure my Cisco Valet M10 without software. I am able to open the setup page using but not sure what settings di I need to change. I have DSL Internet connection and it is working properly if I connect the computer directly to the modem.

  10. I have M10 which is not working. We had a power surge in the morning and since then it is not working. All the lights are seems to be pretty good. I can access the Internet when I connect the computer directly to the modem but not wireless router. How can I install it manually. I do not have the software.

  11. I have been trying to install my M20 using Cisco connect software. The Cisco software fails in finding the device. Now I want to configure M20 without CD. How can I access the setup page. I tried to open but no luck….Need help.

  12. Not able to configure my Valet plus using Cisco connect. I had do it manually using the web interface. It’s working great but still not able to use guest SSID feature.

  13. I have had a cisco m10 for last 3 months. Was working fine till last night. Now all the lights on it just keep flashing. My computer cannot find the network when I use the flash drive to connect to M10. I have power cycles the valet but does not help.

  14. I was trying to install my Cisco Valet M10 with the new Internet service provider. I was very confused with the Instructions in the manual. Your technician helped me fix it in just 15 minutes. Thanks for saving my money and time.

  15. I have Cisco M10 which was working fine until yesterday before I tried connecting my new sony laptop to the network. I don’t know what I did but my entire network collapsed.Thanks for your help. The online technician was very good. I was able to understand the steps to set up my network. He was very good and patient with me. I am not technically good when it comes to computers. But thanks any ways. It was very good experience. Now I am happy with all my computers online at a time.

  16. I am having trouble connecting to my valet plus M20 . I can see the wireless network but it does not connect to the network. First I thougt it might be the probelm with my laptop. But my friend is also not able to connect to it. I tried changing the wireless password but that is not working. Help please…..

  17. The wireless connection is dropping intermittently. I am using Cisco M10 and windows 7 on my new laptop. The connection is not strong. The wired computer is working just fine. Its only the wireless computer.

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