What is Cisco connect Guest network access ?

Cisco Guest network access is a very good feature that you can use with Cisco Linksys E series routers. For Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000 routers, you need to install Cisco connect software in order to use Guest network access. For Linksys E1200, E4200, E3200 and new E series router, you don’t need to install Cisco connect software. You can manage Guest access settings using the web Interface of these routers.

Cisco Guest network access is NOT unsecured !

So your primary network and the guest access will be different. You will be able to see 2 wireless SSIDs. One is your main SSID which will show you secured wireless access. You can use your family or office computers on this main SSID. Just connect to the main SSID and access the secured wifi Internet.

Now if you have guest coming in, then you can tell them to use the Guest access which will show you as an unsecured network. That computer will not be able to access your main network. They can not connect to the computers in the main network or they can not access the router settings. The guest access will be totally different network. The IP address of the main network will be in the range of 192.168.1.X and the Guest network will be 192.168.33.X (where X may be any number).

Cisco Guest Network access

As I said it will show you unsecured guest network and any one can connect to that network. Yes, definitely, anyone can connect to your unsecured guest access. But… but they can not access the Internet. When they will open the Internet browser, it will ask them to enter a password for the guest access. That means guest network is not unsecured network, there is a password protection to access the Internet. You can set up the password using the Cisco connect software. Go to Guest access settings and setup a password. You can also limit the number of computers to access this network. The maximum number of 10 computers can access this network. You can change the number of guest network users. You can not change the guest network name.

How to disable the Cisco Guest network access:

Open the Cisco connect software on your main computer. Click on Guest access settings. Here you will find the option to disable the Guest network access.

You can not use this feature if you do not have Cisco connect software installed. This was the case with Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000 routers. But with the later models of Cisco E4200, E3200, E1200, you can use without installing software also. You can simply open the setup page of router and change the settings.

Cisco guest access using setup page

This feature will work only on 2.4 GHz wireless signal and not on 5 GHz. But sometimes you can see guest network even if you do not use the Cisco connect software. In this case you can reset the router to factory default settings and install the router without the CD.

What is Cisco Guest access password ?

If you are using Linksys E1000, E2000, E3000 then open the Cisco connect software and go to Guest access option. You will find the Cisco connect guest password.

If you are using Linksys E1200, E3200, E4200 then you can open the setup page and check the wireless settings of the router. If you have installed the Cisco software for these routers then you can open the Cisco connect software and check the cisco guest access password.

The Hardware warranty for the Linksys E series router is 1 year but the Free technical support over the phone will be only for 90 days.

You can setup your router without CD. In this case you may not be able to use the guest network feature for the router E1000, E2000 and E3000.

See How to setup Linksys router without software

The Hardware warranty for the Linksys E series router is 1 year but the Free technical support over the phone will be only for 90 days.

Easy setup guide is designed to work with Linksys wireless router , Netgear wireless router, D Link wireless router and all other brands of routers.

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20 comments on “Cisco Guest network access for Linksys routers

  1. Need to know what the cisco guest network access password is in order to access the internet from my X500 celluarphone through the WI-FI SETTING?

  2. I want to block my neighbor. I guess he is connected to the guest network and accessing my Internet. How do I check if he is connected or not? How do I block him if connected?

  3. I am trying to troubleshoot my old Linksys E3000 router. I can connect to the main network without any problem. It is secured with WPA2 security and my laptop is using Windows 7. I have old Windows XP laptop which does not support WPA2. I am trying to get on the Guest network. It shows connected and with excellent signal strength but it did not ask me for the Guest access password and automatically connected to the Internet. How is it possible? is it unsecured then?

  4. Trying to connect kidle to the wifi and the password is not working. I installed the E3000 using the software that comes it and I can see the password. I can join the unsecured SSID but can not access Internet.

  5. I can use only main wifi. if I connect to the unsecred one it will drop the Internet. I tried all the troubleshooting steps but no luck. I also upgraded the firmware, did reset the e3000 but still the same thing. Finally I uninstalled the cisco connect software and configured it manually.

  6. I also installed my linksys router without installation CD. Simply opened the setup page of the router and changed the Internet connection settings. I have E4200 and it is now just working fine. I also upgraded the firmware.

  7. Guest network access password is not working. I have Linksys E3000 and the main network is working fine. I have my friend connected to the guest network and he is not able to access the Internet. It asks for guest password and when he types the correct password, nothing happens. He can go online. Any suggestion…

  8. I have Cisco E4200 which has been working without any problem. I need the Cisco guest access password to connect my new Ipad to the wifi. I can see the guest network access but can not join because I do not have the Cisco guest access password. Where can I find the password? I did not install the Cisco software to setup my device. I do not have the password to access the setup page either. Do I need to reset?

  9. What is guest network password of Linksys E3000? I have been trying to connect my friends laptop to the wifi. It is connected but not able to get on Internet. Not asking for the password. What could be reason.

  10. I have Linksys E1000 and trying to connect my laptop. Not sure about password? Do I need to press the reset. The main SSID is working fine and I can access Internet using the main SSID. The unsecured SSID is not working. My friend is connected to guest network access but not able to get the Internet. It is not asking for the password. How do I make it ask for the password? Am I doing something wrong? Not sure. I think I should simply uninstall the software and reinstall it from the start.

  11. What is Cisco guest access password? I have E2000 and trying to connect my friends laptop to the wi-fi I can connect to the main SSID but not the other one. The main secured SSID is working without any problem. Can I connect gaming devices also?

  12. Where can I find the Cisco Guest access password for E3000? I have been looking for this password for last 3 hours. One thing I should mention that I did not install Cisco E3000 using Cisco software. If I did not install using Cisco software then how come this network is created automatically? I think I should reset and reconfigure my Linksys E3000.

  13. I missed guest network access feature of my router because I did not run the CD. I configured my Linksys E3000 manually. but still happy with the performance.

  14. I did not install Cisco connect but it still shows 2 SSIDs when I try to search for wi-fi on my Ipad. Not able to connect any one of them. Not sure about my wifi. I think I will simply reset my router and reconfigure it manually without Cisco software. I have cisco Linksys E2000.

  15. I have cisco Linksys e2000 and guest can not log on. I did reset and reconfigure it using Cisco connect software. If I install it manually, it will give me only the main secured SSID. Is that true?

  16. I have an ipod and am having trouble connecting to the intelnet. I don’t have a Wi-Fi connection where i live, so the networks it shows are Small Panda and Small Panda-guest. I don’t recall creating a password, so i am unable to connect to the internet on my ipod using either of the networks. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me figure out what the Small Panda passwords are.

    Thanks 🙂

  17. Thanks for your help. I was not sure about the password for the Guest network. I am using Cisco e1000 wireless router. I was not sure about the Cisco connect software installed on my computer. I had to uninstall the Cisco connect software and reinstall it to get my guest network working. Your technician helped me to reinstall it. The easy setup Guide is also very good.

  18. I have a Linksys E3000 router. I have been using it for a month and all of a sudden the wireless is not working. Main wireless works fine. I even changed the Guest password thinking it was that, but no luck. I can see the SSID in my wireless connections just cannot connect. It was working earlier today. I have tired turning the router off and on as well.

  19. I am using E2000 router and looking for the security key. I do not have the software on any computer. When I bought the router. I just connected the computer to the router and the modem and it started working. I don’t remember running the Cd on any computer. How do I find the password ?.

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