Limited or no connectivity

When do you get the error message ” Limited or no connectivity ” ?

You may get this error message when you try to connect to the wireless network on windows XP computer.

What does error “  limited or no connectivity ” means ?

It means the computer is trying to connect but it not getting IP address from the router. IP address is very important number when it comes to networking. Each and every device should have proper IP address in the network. Router is a device which can assign IP address to all the devices in the network.

There are 2 reasons for the error ” limited or no connectivity “.

  1. The DHCP server on the router is disabled or not working. You will need to check the settings of the router. Open the set up page and make sure that the DHCP server is enabled .
  2. If your network is a secured then make sure that you might not be entering the correct key or the password. If you don’t know the password or the key then you will need to open the set up page and check the wireless settings.

If the DHCP server is enabled and you are entering the correct network key then it should connect without any problem. However if not then you can try to assign a static IP address to that computer.

Follow the steps of   Easy set up Guide to fix the error message ” limited or no connectivity ”

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