How to upgrade Linksys router firmware?

Upgrading Linksys router firmware is the solution for many network connection issues. Firmware is nothing but the software of your Linksys router. If the wireless network connection is slow or intermittent then you can try changing advanced wireless settings or wireless channel on the router. However if the problem continues then I will suggest you to upgrade the firmware.



How to check current firmware version ?

Open the Internet browser and in the address bar type Open the setup page and click on Status tab. On the status page and here you will find the current firmware version. Go to Linksys website and check for the firmware update for your model. If the new firmware is available on website then download it and upgrade it.

Linksys router firmware upgrade process :

Step 1: Download the latest firmware file from the website and save it on your main computer. Click here to download the file. Enter the proper model number in search support box. The model number along with version number is on the flip side of your router. Double check the model number and hardware version number. Do not download incorrect file.

Step 2: Connect the main computer to the Ethernet port with the Ethernet cable. Do not upgrade firmware using a wireless computer. Always connect the computer with the Ethernet cable. Make sure that Local area connection on your computer is enabled.

Step 3: I will suggest you to reset the router before and after upgrading the firmware. See How to reset Linksys router.

Step 4: Open Internet browser and in the address bar type Open the setup page. Setup page is the page where you can change the settings manually.

Linksys Router Firmware Upgrade

Step 5: Go to Administration tab. Click on Firmware upgrade sub tab as shown in the above figure.

Step6: Now click on Browse or Select button and browse the firmware file that you have already downloaded on your main computer.

Step 7: Click on Upgrade firmware.

Step8: Upgrade process will take approximately 1 to 3 minutes. At the end you will get the message ” upgrade successful”. If you get the message ” upgrade failed” then reset the router again and try to upgrade the firmware. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct file.

Step 9: Reset the router after upgrade is completed.

Step 10: Now you need to reconfigure the router.

See How to setup router without CD

NOTE: Do not try to open firmware file. It is a bin file and it needs special program to open the file. You need open the setup page of the Linksys router to upgrade firmware.

The firmware file for WRT54G hardware version 1 to version 4 is same. You can use the same file for all the 4 versions.

The firmware file for Hardware version 5 and 6 is same.

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11 comments on “Linksys Router Firmware Upgrade

  1. Linksys E2500 firmware update failed. Whenever I try to update the firmware it fails. How do I fix this probelm as I’m having connection problems from upstairs whereas my router is located downstairs.

  2. The wireless connection is dropping. I have WRt120N which had been working for years. Recently the WiFi started dropping so often. I did upgrade new version on the router but there is no improvement. I did follow the steps to reset and reconfigure the device.
    Is there anything that I can try or should I buy a new one?

  3. Not able to open the setup page. I have WRT120N and power light is blinking on it. Tried to access the configuration page but it is not opening. The password is not working. Also tried to reset many times.

  4. The Internet connection is intermittent if I connect it to my WRT54G V6. If I connect my computer directly to the modem, there is no problem getting on the Internet.

  5. I have E4200 and the connection is very intermittent. I tried to upgrade the software and it failed 3 times. The wired connection is steady but the wi-fi is not steady.

  6. You are absolutely right. I was not able to stay on the Internet for more than 5 minutes. The connection was very intermittent. I updated the software and reconfigured the network. Now it is ok and much faster.

  7. I have 5 wireless computers and WRT160N. 3 wireless computers are working fine without any problem. 2 are dropping connection. Do I need to upgrade? or shall I try changing some other settings?

  8. I had lot of issues with my E3000. I updated it to the latest version and I can now see improvement in wireless connection. The connection was dropping before and it was very slow. But now it is stable and fast.
    I really appreciate your help and the guide that you have provided. I was able to reconfigure it and change advanced wireless settings.

  9. TRying to update new software on E3000 but can not open the setup page. I tried to reset many times but I still can not open the setup page. Is there a way to update without opening the settings page?

  10. I am getting the file pattern error. I have very old BEFW11S4 v4. I am going to get a new model but before that I want to try some experiment with this old device.

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