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Before connecting Blackberry to the wireless network, make sure that you have all the wireless settings of your network. You should know the name of the wireless network and password of the wireless network. If you are not sure about these settings then open the setup page of the router and check the wireless settings.

How to check the wireless settings of the router

How to connect Blackberry to the Wi-Fi network.

To scan for available Wi-FiĀ® networks, complete the following steps:
1.Click Set Up Wi-Fi.
2.Click Next.
3.Click Scan For Networks.
4.If prompted, click Turn Wi-Fi on.
5.From the list of available Wi-Fi networks, click the appropriate Wi-Fi network.
6.Specify the required security credentials
7.Click Connect to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
8.To save the Wi-Fi network connection as a profile, click Yes in the Save this Wi-Fi Network as a Profile field. Note: The BlackBerry smartphone can connect to a Wi-Fi network without saving that Wi-Fi network connection as a profile. However, each subsequent connection to that Wi-Fi network will require the BlackBerry smartphone user to complete Set Up Wi-Fi.
9.Type a profile name in the Profile Name field.
10.Click Next.
11.Click Finish to complete the connection to an available Wi-Fi network.
Manual Wi-Fi Selection Mode allows the BlackBerry smartphone user to select the Wi-Fi networks to which the BlackBerry smartphone will attempt to connect.


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  1. Thanks for the help. I got my blackberry working. It took many hours of troubleshooting. I had to update firmware also.

  2. Hi I’ve been trying to connect my laptop on my blackberry through wireless….and bluetooth….I see that I have strong signal when I trying to connect but they need a sercurity passkey which I don’t even have….plz help…cause I don’t no the passkey thank you!

  3. I need manual for blackberry wifi setup. I just bought a new one and can not join the wifi at home. I can connect to the office wifi without any problem. I have netgear router at home and don’t know to check the settings.

  4. I just bought new blackberry and tried to connect to the Internet at home. I can not see my SSID. But I can see it on my laptop and play station. I tried changing channel on my router. Also the SSID broadcast is enabled. I also upgraded the firmware on my E3000 .

  5. Same problem here . Can not connect to Wi-fi. I can access Internet on my laptop and it is connected to the same SSID.

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  9. I don’t know how to connect Blackberry to WiFi. These are very simple steps which I found on your website.

  10. Thanks for the support. It was very good experience. The technician was very good and easy to understand. finally I was able to connect my Blackberry to the Internet.

  11. Thanks ! I have E1000 wireless router and I was trying to connect Blackberry to the wifi network. I was not sure about the wireless settings on the router. Fix home network support technician helped me to connect the Blackberry to the wireless network. Thanks again.

  12. Great help ! I was having hard time connecting my Blackberry to the network. It was my netgear router. Thanks for the help though. Your technician was very good.

  13. Not able to connect the Blackberry to the wireless network. I have Linksys E1000 wireless router. everything else is working fine. My laptops and desktop computers are connecetd to the wireless network and I can access the Internet.

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