how to connect Kindle to WiFi network

Easy steps for kindle WiFi setup or how to connect kindle to the wireless network:

Kindle uses Free 3G and Wi-Fi technology to enable you to wirelessly search, discover, and download content on the go. Your books are delivered wirelessly, typically in less than 60 seconds. If your Kindle has Wi-Fi and 3G, you can choose the most convenient connection.
While you’re reading, and for many other activities, your Kindle does not need to connect to a wireless network. Other activities such as shopping in the Kindle Store and purchasing books do require a connection.
Your Kindle automatically turns 3G coverage off when you connect using Wi-Fi. If you disconnect from a Wi-Fi or if you move out of Wi-Fi range, Kindle automatically switches back to 3G coverage.

Before connecting the Kindle to wifi network, you should know the settings of your router. If it is secured then you must know the correct key or password. if you are not sure about the settings then you will need to open the setup page of the router and check the settings.

Easy steps to check wireless settings of the router.

kindle WiFi setup

kindle WiFi setup

How to connect Kindle to wi-fi network :

Kindle WiFi setup :

To connect Kindle to a WiFi network:
1. Press the Home button, then press the Menu button
2. Navigate to “Settings” by moving the 5-way controller down, then press the 5-way controller to select.
3. Select “view” next to “Wi-Fi Settings” to display a list of detected Wi-Fi networks. You may have to wait a moment as your Kindle detects networks in range. Kindle automatically scans for available Wi-Fi networks at periodic intervals. To rescan for available networks at any time, select “rescan”.
4. Select “connect” to connect . If you see a lock symbol next to “connect,” then it requires a password to connect.

1. If necessary, enter the Wi-Fi password, and choose “submit.” Press the Symbol key to enter numbers or characters not present on the Kindle keyboard.

Kindle wifi setup is easy however you should have the correct wifi settings of your router.